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Mentoring Sessions

WAST Mentoring program will impact neighborhoods/communities where all at-risk and underprivilege students-athletes (Ages 8-18 years old), face the following everyday problems, such as Racism, racial profiling by police, voter suppression, poor academic preparation, bad behavior on social media, low core course GPAs, hunger, lack time management skills, eviction, neighborhoods with gang activity, low SAT/ACT scores, no health insurance, homelessness, low income, no college graduation, suicide due to depression, mental health problems, underserved, socioeconomic issues, no access to the internet, live in single parent family households, and have no father in the house.


These at-risk student-athletes and their families in these communities also faced high poverty, unemployment, academic failure; high rates of violence and crime; poor health and obesity; drug and alcohol use and abuse; a staggering drop-out rate among school age youths; incarceration, and illiteracy. Predominately minority communities and surrounding areas are reflective of these issues and problems commonly associated with at-risk populations.


Mentoring will be offered for one hour on Tuesday’s and/or Thursday’s between 6:00pm-9:00pm in major focus areas such as:

Financial Literacy

Time Management

College Recruiting Process

Racial Profiling (What to do or not to do when a police officer pulls you over)

Do’s and Don’ts of social media

NCAA College Recruiting Process

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