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WAST Mission is to enrich, educate and promote academic and/or athletic Scholarship opportunities for all At-Risk and Underserved student athletes in the 3rd-12th grades to get “SCHOLARSHIPS” in all College Sports.


WAST Goal is to ensure and promote all at-risk and underprivilege student-athletes in all sports, that have a strong emphasis on academics FIRST and athletics SECOND.

WAST Vision

WAST Vision is to improve the lives of student athletes’ chances of receiving college sports SCHOLARSHIPS, in hopes of getting a degree. WAST starts with helping the 3rd grader that’s 8 years old and their parents. Thus 3rd&8.


WAST Values:

  • That Athletic SCHOLARSHIPS provide a vehicle to obtain a free Education.

  • That Athletic SCHOLARSHIPS can change lives and brighten futures.

  • Getting a SCHOLARSHIP to College is a whole lot better than going into student loan debt.

  • And that a College SCHOLARSHIP along with getting an Education is the most rewarding benefit of a student-athletes experience.


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