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WAST Mission is to enrich, educate and promote academic and/or athletic Scholarship opportunities for all at-risk and underprivilege students-athletes (Ages 8-18 years old), which will prepare them to compete in college sports and get a degree.

WAST Vision

WAST Vision is to ensure and promote all at-risk and underprivilege student-athletes in all sports, that have a strong emphasis on academics FIRST and athletics SECOND.


WAST Values:

  • Athletic SCHOLARSHIPS provide a vehicle to obtain a free Education.

  • Athletic SCHOLARSHIPS can change lives and brighten futures.

  • College education is the most rewarding benefit of a student-athletes experience.


The NCAA Division I Academic Standards Problem Being Solved By WAST:

  • The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Eligibility Center exists today because High School College-Bound student-athletes in the past were getting into college with less than a sixth grade Education.

  • These athletes were good in playing Sports but not prepared ACADEMICALLY  for the College classroom.  In return, they were being kicked out of College once their eligibility ran out while never continuing to receive an Education or College Degree.

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